M-x stands for `Meta-x'

It is the combination of keys that is most often used under the famous 
GNU Emacs (Copyright (C) Free Software Foundation, Inc.) text editor.
(note: `Meta' is a modifier key. On keyboards that do not have such a key, it
is replaced by `Alt' or `Esc') 

GNU Emacs, with its wide number of contributors, is a symbol of the public
domain philosophy, and this is why we have chosen 'Meta-x' as the name of our
Meta-x is in the process of beeing registered as a non-profit organization
under the French status of 'assocation regie par la loi 1901'.

M-x was originally created by Alexandre Chauvin-Hameau (see the Members list)
while he was a student in a French Computer Science School called `EPITA'.
Because of this origin, many members of M-x previously were students of this
school, but our association is widely open to people that share the philosophy
of public domain contribution, without taking this subject too seriously.

Our goals are to share any experience, any software that we may develop, any
documentation we may write, etc., and to help each other as much as we can -
all this among a group as friendly as possible. 

We are in the constant process of gathering shared internet ressources
to help members to experiment, develop, and keep in touch altogether.

Meta-x now exists on the Net through these pages, and especially through our
Mailing List, M-x at Meta-x.Org .
This is a French mailing list, but definetely not closed to English, of course.

If you want to subscribe to M-x, or if you have questions or suggestions about
Meta-x & the Meta-x pages, please write to owner-M-x at Meta-x.Org .

                                       Roger B. J. Baron

Last modified: Fri Jan 17 12:49:21 CET 2003